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Golf Balls


We warmly welcome newcomers to join us!


From Hub Heroes to volunteers, event organizers to brand partnerships, each role contributes to the growth of the Women's Golf Community. Get involved, and let's shape the future of women's golf together!

Apply to Set Up a Hub

If you're passionate about fostering a sense of community among women in golf and envision yourself as a Hub Hero, applying is a simple and exciting process.


Have you identified a location where you believe a hub could make a significant impact? If so, and the idea of hosting a monthly golf gathering resonates with you, we encourage you to get in touch.


Your enthusiasm and commitment to making golf more accessible to all are the key ingredients to becoming a Hub Hero.


Let's work together to bring the joy of the game to a broader audience and strengthen the bonds within the women's golf community.


Join the team

Volunteering behind the scenes is a powerful way to contribute to the growth of the Women's Golf Community.


Whether it's assisting with event coordination, outreach efforts, or administrative tasks, your dedication can help pave the way for new opportunities and connections within the community.


For Brands and Partners

We welcome brands and partners to join us in creating unforgettable collaborations and events. At WGC, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance our offerings and provide unique experiences for our community.

Whether it's a special event, product collaboration, or any other creative endeavour, we're open to exploring exciting partnerships that amplify the joy of women's golf.

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