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Meet Jasmine, also known as The Jazzy Golfer, founder of the Women's Golf Community.


With an unwavering passion for promoting equality in the world of golf, Jasmine has become a driving force for positive change in the women's game. Jasmine's journey is marked by a deep commitment to breaking down barriers and advocating for inclusivity within the golfing community. Recognizing the need for a space where women could come together, share their love for the game, and inspire one another, she took the bold step of creating the Women's Golf Community.

Jasmine's vision goes beyond the fairway; it extends to a world where women in golf are celebrated, supported, and empowered.

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We know that it can be a real struggle to find other women to play golf with and we also know that many women leave our great sport because of either not being made to feel welcome enough or not having a proper community.


Our vision at the Women's Golf Community is to see a vibrant and inclusive golfing landscape where more women confidently fill the driving ranges, stride onto the courses and feel comfortable and supported in any golfing environment.


We envision a future where golf is a space of empowerment and skill development for women of all backgrounds and skill levels.

We aspire to break down barriers that may hinder women's participation in golf, fostering an environment that encourages and supports their involvement. Through our community, we aim to create a powerful network that inspires positive change within the sport, ensuring that women feel not only welcomed but celebrated on every fairway.


The Women's Golf Community is committed to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for women in the world of golf. Our mission is to create a supportive space where women of all skill levels can come together, share their passion for the game, and inspire positive change.

Our community provides a secure haven for women to embrace their passion for golf, complemented by regular meet-ups that foster connections and camaraderie. This initiative plays a vital role in promoting not only the sport but also confidence, personal growth, and enduring friendships.

Together, we're reshaping the golfing experience, empowering women to excel both on and off the course!

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